Our Quality Darth Vader Mugs

Looking for special gifts for a Star Wars fan? At Gift Punk we are keen to help you find the perfect present for anybody who loves the force!

First hitting our movie screens in 1977, this popular franchise is still going strong, with the last Star Wars film a resounding success with both critics and film goers. The next Star Wars film is due to be released this Christmas and the trailer is predicted to be available this October.

One of the most iconic characters is Darth Vader, otherwise known as Anakin Skywalker: a once heroic Jedi knight that ended up turning to the dark side. He is famous for this his dramatically dark costume and rasping breath, that led to him being used on a throat lozenge advert.

Since he wears an instantly recognisable helmet, this character makes for an awesome mug.

At Gift Punk, we have a range of Darth Vader mugs for less than £10.00, including this officially licenced 3D Mug which will have you drinking from the iconic helmet.

If you have a tech fan on your hands, how about this Darth Vader USB Flash Drive and memory stick which is both fun and hard-wearing? Since it’s so funky, you’re much less likely to lose this type of USB flash drive.

Why not view our range of Star Wars gifts today?